History - (Tarihçe)

We enjoy a 20-year experience in meeting the needs of surgical instruments and
do our best to adopt our production policy to consumers requirements and, in asmuch
as there is no end to the needs/we are able to provide new products on the basis of new needs.
the products we presentto the market are constantly inspected and checked under quality control tests.
Also proud to have CE and ISO standard certification based on global.
We are perfectly aware that those specialists whose duty is to restore the heaith of
their fellow humam begins apply PARSMEDAL appliances with assurance in their
surgical operations. So a dual responsibility is placed on us in this regard.
Our main objective is to ever step forward firmly towards better quality and produce
more efficient surgical instruments.

Mansuroğlu Mah. 1593/1 Sokak
A Blok No: 2 D:53
Bayraklı - İZMİR / TURKEY

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